C. J. Simister  gives frequent presentations for parents, who love the very practical, easy-to-use ideas that she suggests.  Her book, 'The Bright Stuff' explores a set of intelligent behaviours such as persistence, initiative, curiosity and collaboration, offering advice about how these can be fostered at home.  While some aspects of personality tend to be a little more entrenched than others, not one of the 14 Future-Smart qualities described here is 100% fixed from birth!  All can be nudged.  We just need to know how...

Future-Smart® Parents


For  parents seeking more support, the Future-Smart® Kids App is in production and will be available in 2021.   Packed with questions and activities, this promises to be an invaluable tool for busy parents everywhere.

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Is your child Future-Smart®?

A 60-90 minute presentation for parents, hosted by your local school or as a lunchtime/evening session in the workplace

‘Future-Smart’ skills - things like persistence, initiative, creativity, problem solving and independent thinking - can be fostered from a very early age and will prepare your child to flourish in the real world.  No matter how good a school is, the home’s influence is tremendously important.

Over the years, I have gathered and developed hundreds of activities and games that parents can slip into an already busy day with very little effort.  At home, over a meal, in the car or when stuck in a queue at the supermarket, with little or no preparation, you can begin to build good habits of thinking which will change the way your child sees the world - and, of course, the way the world sees your child.

“The feedback from parents has been ‘wow’.  I received about seven emails so far thanking us for the evening.  Your initiative is becoming the ‘glue’ bringing together what we currently do already and highlighting its importance.  You are inspirational, Jane.” Loren Macallister, Shrewsbury House School

“Thank you for your inspirational staff training, and particularly the parents’ seminar last Thursday.  I have had lots of positive feedback and I hope this is something we will be able to repeat again in the future. I would like to thank you for all your support over the last two years.”  Douglas Brown, Headteacher, St Joseph’s in the Park

“This is now my favourite ‘parenting’ book of all time: I’m running out of post it notes! Thanks to @shrewsburyhouse for hosting and therefore putting me on to the fab @future_smart.”

Claire Robertson @clairepatella

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